November 8

5 Styling Mistakes


Here are 5 styling mistakes to avoid.

It's quite possible that you do at least one of them. Why ? I will reply as briefly as possible - while giving you some info about Méta® profiles...


Mistake #1: Wearing Black with Orange

It’s a mistake: Black does not go with orange.

Black is a cold color, orange is a warm color and the two don’t mix well for us humans.

Take note, even if tigers exist in nature, you are not a tiger!

If you wear your colors, you look well. On the other hand, if on the same day you switch to colors that don't suit you, you don’t look that good, perhaps even sick. You didn't change, but your colors did.

Insight #1: With your Méta® profile, people won't know what changed but you will. You’ll look stunning and healthy because you’ll wear colors that match the light radiating from your skin.

Mistake #2: Wearing Gold with Silver

It’s a mistake: Gold does not go with silver.

Gold is as the sun that emits light, its energy matches the warm colors. Silver is as the moon that reflects light, its energy matches the cold colors.

There are in fact 4 color categories. Once you know what your color category is, you can experiment wearing colors that you probably would have never tried before.

Insight #2: Your Méta® profile both simplifies your life and helps you explore new possibilities. Thanks to your profile, you might actually end up with a more diverse wardrobe than the one you originally had!

Mistake #3: Wearing V-necklines & Rounded Shoes

It’s a mistake: V-necklines don’t go with rounded shoes. And vice versa, rounded necklines don’t go with pointed shoes.

As we saw for colors, there are categories of shapes; and your body fits in one category.

Very often, we women are unsatisfied with our body. It is too large or too thin, or a specific part of it is too big or too thin... But your body is fine just the way it is, you just need to know which shapes to wear.

And believe it or not, the shape of your body reveals how you think. If your structure is:

  • Circle: You like to check all possibilities before making a decision
  • Diamond: You like to have 5 goals at once otherwise you're bored and lifeless
  • Line: You work at your best when you have 1 goal that you achieve on your own

Well, La Méta® is a tool that is way more subtle than this, but for now you can note that...

Insight #3: The story behind your body is much more profound that it being too thin or too fat. Your body is a seamless continuation of who you are inside. So you can learn about who you are inside by observing who you are outside.

Mistake #4: Wearing a marinière

It’s a mistake: Marinières don’t fit anybody.

Marinière: A cotton long-armed shirt with horizontal stripes, usually blue and white.

When you look at someone who is wearing a marinière, your eyes go to the sweater rather than to you. The strong contrast and the thin lines act like powerful magnets, they don't allow the energy to naturally flow to your face.

Insight #4: Your secret style is the one that makes others see you, as opposed to you serving as a coat hanger for beautiful cloths, or as plain decoration in a beautiful scenery... There is beauty that artists search, and then, there is you!

Interestingly, the more you assume fully who you are, the more others will see you as beautiful.

Mistake #5: Wearing Heavy Jeans & a Light T-shirt

It’s a mistake: Heavy fabric doesn't go with light fabric. It's a bit like water and oil...

Fabric is usually the last thing we pay attention to when we go shopping. However, if you look at the cloths that you never wear, they probably are those that annoy you. They itch, they are too cold or too dry, they make too much noise (yes, even that can matter!).

If you wear them for a whole day, they will drain your energy away. It might be a totally routine day but the first thing you will want to do when you go home is to put on your pajamas.

Try it out! Your Méta® profile is your secret, nobody else needs to know what you are exploring today.

Insight #5: Your Méta® profile is the one that makes you feel good. It's like a second skin, it won't change with seasons or with fashion trends.


These 5 styling mistakes:

  1. Wearing black with orange
  2. Wearing gold with silver
  3. Wearing V necklines with rounded shoes
  4. Wearing a marinière
  5. Wearing heavy jeans with a light t-shirt

Well, we all made some of them. How could we know...

However, if each one of us knew our Méta® profile, we could all:

  • Shine with a wardrobe that supports your natural energy
  • Realign your daily life according to your inner strengths

Wouldn't this be paradise ? Tell me what you think in the comments 🙂



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  1. OK I have to admit… Each Halloween I was wearing black and orange ! Now I don’t do this anymore… I always loved to mix gold and silver… fortunately (I’m “Summer”) I always had a preference for silver (yeah, I was not that wrong..!). Regarding the V and rounded shoes… I think I always wear more round stuff than V, and if V, it was never hardly pronounced so.. and since I’m “Cercle”, I was also kind of already in the good.. never loved too pointed shoes… Marinière ? I have a skirt like this (too bad, it’s Winter), but I don’t wear it a lot (yeah well… not my colours and maybe even not my movement) Finally, wearing a heavy jean and a light shirt, I already noticed that with other people, something is going wrong but I couldn’t say what… Now with the Meta, I get it ! So fun to observe and play with all this… Still need to experiment my movement.. I imagine a world where the Meta is teached at school ! It would be soooo nice ! And the shops could be dedicated to a season or a movement or a structure… It would be so great and enjoying !

    1. Very cool Céline, thanks for taking the time to add your feedback for each point 🙂
      Yes, that’s so true, I would love La Méta to be taught at school… And there has to be some major change when it comes to shops !!!

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