November 13

Are you Golden or Silver?”


If you've read my post on the 5 styling mistakes to avoid, I guess you'd like to know if you're:

  • Solar: Spring or Autumn colors
  • Lunar: Summer or Winter colors

Yes, you remember, solar was for golden jewelry and lunar for silver.

So, how does it work - determining the colors of your Meta® profile?


Well, it's first and foremost through physical experiences. This is what makes La Méta® so powerful. We do not talk about opinions nor illusions.

We face reality, or at least we create a space to be infused by this reality - which can be very intense, without any particular reason, just because life is intense, as the yellow of this newsletter.

There, you know it all.


So, what do you think ?

Yes I know, I play with you. I like this. My goal is to help you "Boost & Shine", so to get there I send you my raw energy and I'm amused to imagine you perplexed at this point in this newsletter.

In other words, I invite you to go through a phase of chaos to reach a place that was previously unknown to you, but which is also where you can grow.

In fact, becoming familiar with colors is like learning a foreign language. First, you understand nothing. With time, you start making links. And after a while, you can't not understand anymore. They've been integrated by your system.


The problem is that this process requires effort and time.

So I did not lie to you. To know your colors, you have to do physical experiments, and you have to face reality. However, when I said "there, you know it all", you felt it was wrong, that something was missing.

What was missing, well it's a learning process for colors. It is also benchmarks to help you understand which colors suit you well or not. And finally, it's to be accompanied by someone with accumulated experience.

Well yes, if you're serious about learning a foreign language to open new doors at work, you'll find a teacher who has a good accent, and who has a lot of experience in that language.

But also, you will buy a little dictionary or an app that will give you references everyday when suddenly you look for a word.


For La Meta®, it's the same. If you really want to go deeper, you need to be accompanied. But also, you need gear.

Here is mine, the color palette that I designed to accompany my clients, so they can continue to discover and explore the 4 seasons after our sessions.

It is a color chart that is pleasant to take in your hand. It contains reference colors for the 4 seasons. More precisely, it has 35 colors per season.

If you want to know more about this color chart, I've added a video and details here.

What I did not put in this page, it is the details of the work that I made to arrive to this color palette.

That is something you can read about in my next post!


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