January 31

Coaching & Planes


Unlimited Coaching is like taking a ✈️


When you buy a plane ticket, there are a lot of things that happen implicitly. You trust that the plane will leave a certain day at a certain time and that it will arrive at its destination. You trust the solid structure of the aircraft and the professionalism of the pilot.

Until then, it's normal.

And then when D-Day arrives, you show up at the airport, you sneak into your seat, the plane takes off, and ...

Turbulence begins! And you, what do you do?


Phase 1: Physical submission to an external request
First, you do exactly what you are told, you come back to your seat even if you really wanted to pee. You put on your seatbelt.

Phase 2: The mind that goes in a loop
You are afraid even if you dare not say it in these words. You think of what was so far unconscious - the solid structure of the plane, the fact that you love life and your friends, that you have lots of things to do once you arrive.

Phase 3: The attempt to regain power over the mind
Hey, there is nothing to worry about, everything is ok (!). It isn’t that bad, it’s no worse than going to an amusement park (…).

Phase 4: Letting go
Well no actually, the mind that churns away non-stop, or the effort to stop the mind, is not cool. There is still an option: simply, to be with what is.

It still takes confidence, but this time it’s like taking you up a notch in a video game. It’s no longer mental confidence. It's trust deep in your cells.

From a distance, you’re doing nothing, you’re sitting in a chair.

From close up, you do everything, because finally, you live.


What don't you do during the turbulence?
You don't open the plane door to jump.
In unlimited coaching, it's the same. Whether it rubs or not, you stay until the end, because you know you move forward, even when it rubs, and even better, even when it does not.

What is the parallel between the solid structure and coaching?
This is the framework set by the coach. We're not here to chat at the bar. We do not drift at any quarter turn. We stay fixed on the objective, and if we no longer like the objective, we rectify it, but we only do it when we are 100% clear about the benefit of this turning point.

Who is driving during the coaching, you, the coach, the autopilot?
In an airplane, maybe the autopilot can do it all by itself, even takeoff and landing. Fortunately, the pilot is there to communicate with the control tower.

For coaching, I would say that the pilot is you - your conscious part, the one who decides what she wants to experience. The autopilot, your unconscious part, the one who knows how to drive a car even when you put all your attention on your favorite radio program - well it gets on with the work, if you let it do its job.

So what is a coach?
The control tower. Someone who is outside of you and can help you get the perspective you need. Yes, there is turbulence, and that's ok. Yes, your destination is in this direction. What did you say? London? For the change of the guards? What time, what day? Ok roger that, now boom, go!

Do you have any objections?
Yes but Marion, I’m different, I’m AFRAID to fly, it's not like you who fly more than 10 times a year.

So listen, no, I’m not buying this argument. My grandfather died at the age of 40 in a plane crash. I never met him, and neither did my father, who was 6 months old when it happened. If I have deep trauma in me, it would be linked to that, to the repercussions that it had on my father and therefore on me during my childhood - especially that it was not just anyone, my grand-dad.

But I still get on planes. And I still seat through turbulences. And I arrive again and again at my destination.

What is your destination?
You aren’t 100% sure?

It may be time to contact a control tower…

With love,


PS: Bonus question… How can you easily get in touch with me?
Send me a message here.

PPS: Satisfied customer feedback 💃💃💃
" Well, here! I thought that in mindset coaching I would find answers. On the contrary, I find questions and I note, to my great surprise, that it is precisely these questions that make me move forward! Why? Because these are the right questions, of course !! 😉👍🏻 »Elena


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