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Check out the video below to see how the color palette can help you get familiar with the colors of the 4 seasons :

 Thank you very much for the amazing color palette I just received this morning. It's really great to have all the seasons under the eyes like that!

Marion Raikhlin, Méta® coach

A color palette to enter the univers of the 4 seasons

4 categories of colors which resonate with 4 types of skin tones


The 4 seasons in 1 color palette

Compare the seasons easily at the key moment

You have heard of the 4 types of skin tones and the color of clothes that are in harmony with them? You'd like to have a reference with you as you wait to invest in the 4 color palettes of Flora Douville?

This color palette is perfect to get started :)

With its 35 colors per season, and with the 4 seasons in one place, you are more likely to have the references that you need at the right time.


Practical & Easy to Use

An ergonomic feel designed after an in-depth study of existing color palettes

Other color palettes are larger, smaller, all one one page or on many different pages.

This one is made  on purpose to be pleasant to hold in your hand, to open, and finally, practical when you compare the color that you want to categorize to several colors of each season.

The color palette is also interesting during the learning phase of the 4 seasons. For example, it allows you to easily compare 2 seasons.


Easy to take with you everywhere

Put your color palette in your bag without worrying of forgetting or losing it

This is the logical consequence of the first two points. Since the 4 seasons are all present in 1 color palette, you do not have to decide for each outing which color palette you will take with you.

And once on the road, you have less chance to forget or lose one of your color palettes.

In addition, with its laminated paper and its solid binding screw, the quality finish of this color chart ensures that it will last a long time.

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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

Hello Marion 😃 ​Thank you very much for the amazing color palette I just received this morning. ❤️😘

It's really great to have all the seasons under the eyes like that!


A big thank you 😘 On top of rediscovering these colors spring, and really I realize that I like to wear the clothes in these tones, so I will be able to choose even better, such happiness... Grand merciiiiii


Coucou Marion, a big thank you for your color palette. It really makes me happy. Good luck for your project "daring to shine your truth". Kisses!


😍I received your color palette 😍 I love it!
There's the 4 seasons I think it's super clever


The 4 seasons at home,
it starts here

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