November 30

Debugging Layers of Ego – Tempting?


In a post last week, I talked about the limits of unlocking the unconscious mind. The conclusion was that after a certain point, you will move forward thanks to the actions you put into place, and for this, what will be most useful is Mindset coaching – rather than unlocking of the unconscious mind.

So, how do I go about Mindset coaching, to help you overcome the obstacles that arise between you and your goals? I work on:

  • The debugging of the ego
  • Metaphors
  • Unexpected connections

Let's talk about the first, especially in relation to unlocking the unconscious mind.



The debugging of the ego is like when I worked in high tech.

There were computer scientists who had direct access to the code. They could dive deep inside the machine, into the heart of the software, and this access allowed them to find and eliminate bugs - like when a clairvoyant sees your unconscious mind and can help you speed up your healing.

Even though I sat next to them, I did not understand the code. On the other hand, as soon as I had access to the result, ie to software window, I explored to the right and to the left, and I easily found bugs. In addition, over time, I made increasingly sophisticated assumptions about the origin of the bugs.

That is to say, without seeing the code, I could tell the computer scientist where to look and very often I was spot on. There have even been quite stressful cases where a few weeks before the official release of the software, something essential such as the quality of the graphs would go hayway. These are the kinds of situations where everyone, in every role of the team, gets down to work on a solution. And guess who found it, this solution? It's me…


If I take a step back to see what happens when I debug a software:

  1. I play with the interface, taking logical scenarios while keeping an antenna out, ready to capture any weird thing.
  2. A weird thing catches my attention. Sometimes, what happens is obvious - I found the bug and its cause.
  3. If it stays at the weird thing, without explanation, I test around the thing. Yes I know, the word "thing" is rather vague. But it's really the feeling at this point, it's unclear.
  4. I do not give up. I have great confidence in my intuition, ie, in stage # 2, the fact that my attention was drawn to something interesting. It is this trust based on years of experience (10 years at the heart of the software development team) that allows me not to let go where others would have not even stopped.
  5. I test from different angles. At some point, by elimination, the answer is rather clear.
  6. I present my assumption with full confidence, although I am also open to surprises once a person who can dissect the code takes over.
  7. Thanks to this openness and my desire to always improve myself, I take all feedback as great opportunities to improve myself, so that the next debug is even better.

With coaching, I do EXACTLY the same thing. The only difference is that instead of having in front of me a software with on one side the code, and on the other an interface, I'm next to you, a human with an unconscious part and another one that is conscious.

Your interface, these are your words, your intonation, your gestures, which are observable by everyone, no need to be clairvoyant to capture them.

And it is thanks to them that I can help you to become aware of your unconscious mechanisms so that you can then go beyond them, even without having had direct access to your unconscious mind.


One more thing - if we do coaching sessions together, we will do some ego debugging.

How can I be so sure of myself on this point?

Well, because:

  • We all have layers and layers of ego.
  • I have years of debugging experience, mostly on software, but I recently found that I can easily transfer this skill in my coaching to highlight your ego mechanics.

✨✨✨ Client Feedback ✨✨✨

1) With what did you come to this session? What was your need?
To clarify this need to control everything including my own work. To look into the face and recognize this mechanism

2) With what are you leaving this session?
Clarity on this mechanism. It's good I saw it at work so I can say goodbye, thank you, I don’t need you anymore.

3) On a scale of 0 to 10, what is the value that it brings to you? Why?
10 because it was recurrent and installed for a long time. And I couldn’t managed to get over it. Now that there is more conscious focus on it, it gives me the power to decide what I really want.


In fact, it's as if I told you that every time I go to the sea, I come back with an object - like, a pebble or a shell. You could think that it's a nice idea (or not), but you would not question the fact that it's possible for me to do it.

You know there are tons of objects on or near the beach, and you take for granted that I am able to pick up an object and bring it home. It's simple.

For me it's the same with the debugging of the ego. It's simple.

It can be hot, especially to spot it in full flight and to help the coachee to become aware of it!

But otherwise, it's simple.


PS: Do you want to make your own opinion? Send me a message on my Contact Me page to see if we can fit in a 1-hour free coaching session. No promise here, these are so far in high demand! But why not ask 🙂

PPS: Are you looking for an accompaniment over time? Fill out this questionnaire so we fix a time for a Diagnostic Session as soon as possible!


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