December 12

Flora Douville’s Visceral Honesty


This week in Nantes, 19 people are discovering their Méta® profile thanks to Flora and 4 Méta® coachs.

For me it's the dream job. I love workshops. I love La Méta®. I have the opportunity to see my friends who are also Méta® coachs, and to meet new people.

There is also Flora Douville herself, who presents with great humor and love the different planes of the Méta® profile, the different energies on each plane, and the different stratagems that we have to live (or not) these energies.

But the "Douville Show" aspect, is it enough to arrive at this quality of content, support and transformation to attract workshops after workshops this number of participants?



I think the answer is yes and no ...

Yes, Flora expresses herself clearly and assertively on subjects that she knows particularly well.

She could sell us a new type of multicolored socks and with this level of commitment, presence, conviction, she would be just as fascinating and magnetic.

On the other hand, she probably would not fill in a 5-day workshop.

For that, there is first La Méta®. And this tool that she has created - and is continuously refining - requires above all brutal honesty about what she knows, or not; what is true, or not.


When a participant asks her a question about the Air movement, and Flora replies: "I have no truth about that, rather, things to experiment with", you don't need to know the question to understand the essentials of her answer.

Why ?

This reply contains the key to La Méta®: questioning and experimentation

So what ?

  • This answer is visceral, it comes directly, without hesitation or reflection
  • This answer is 100% honest, no need or desire to confuse reality
  • This answer is extremely correct - it is not an excuse, it is an observation. It is not a problem, but an invitation.


Well yes, because you too can do it ...

💃 You too can observe the colors that make you shine.

💃 You too can reconnect to your innate movement.

💃 You too can relate well with your loved ones while knowing how to assert yourself ...

In short, you too have lots of things to experience ...


On the other hand, if you want to speed up this process, just to make it easier, come for a workshop.

✅ There are 5-day workshops in Nantes, like the one I am taking part in this week.

✅ There are two-day workshops, like the one Aurèle Minassian and I are setting up the first weekend of February in Paris.

Want to know more ? Ask me your questions. This way I can answer in a future newsletter.


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