January 15

Going from 2019 to 2020


After sending you New Year greetings, now is the time for me to look back at 2019 to better tackle 2020.


In 2019, first of all, I travelled …

11 trips abroad, in which I was:
• 8 x France
• 3 x ...


• 3 x Belgium
• 1 x USA
• 1 x UK

9 of these trips for:
• 4 x Méta® coaching
• 4 x Personal dev workshops 🔥🔥🔥
• 4 x LKB coaching school

2 of these trips for family holidays

The rest of the time, I worked on my business:
• Old website: https://leaninstyle.com/
• New website: https://marionraikhlin.com/
• French speaking FB group “Dare to Shine Your Truth” > 100 people in < 5 months


There’s plenty more…

But what remains true throughout:
💃 I care a great deal about transformation, starting with mine
💃 I’m willing to invest a lot of time and money into what I care about

Note also that:
✅ What worked for me is Méta® & mindset coaching
✅ Therefore, I’m trained as one of 15 Méta® coachs (many more joining the fun very soon)
✅ Therefore, I’m training as a mindset coach in one of the best coaching school in Paris


Why Méta® coaching?
The deepest transformations happen at the identity level, when you change how you see yourself.
I’ve seen sad-looking women become cheerful, child-looking women become mature, stalled-women become fired up - each time within a number of days. And the best is that the effect lasts… When you change your story at that level, it’s a one-way street, there’s no way back.

Why mindset coaching?
Creating your future is like rock-climbing, stars in your eyes. But when you rock climb, you also have a climbing partner to better identify opportunities and to better stand the falls… If that’s true on a climbing wall, it’s even more true in real life when there are millions of decisions to be made, and millions of reasons to fall…

I entered 2019 full of hopes for bringing Méta® coaching to Israel. A year later, I’m still in experimentation mode to make it happen. But by now, I have mindset-coaching clients, and momentum is slowly building. Thank God for Internet 🙂

So… what do I have in mind for the year to come? More travel, more training, more coaching? Exactly. So that by the end of the year I can do a photoshoot similar to this one, taken recently by the talented photographer Anne Marquet, as I enjoy the fruits of my work with my dearest family.


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