November 14

How to Go from Ideas to Results


Have you ever found yourself in front of a cool idea that you would like to concretize, but you're stuck? Even though you are convinced that plenty of people could benefit from it?

It can be an event, a calendar online, a calendar in real ...

The problem ? It inevitably happens in the matter. And matter is much denser and harder to work with than ideas.

The solution ? It depends on your idea ... But what I propose here is that I present to you what I did for
my color palette. And in the end, tell me if it talked to you!


Phase # 1: Gather Inspiration

Someone, somewhere, has already done what you want to do. Maybe you already know some of these versions. But do you have them all in front of you? Probably not - it will not happen if you do not set yourself this clear goal to have a maximum of examples under your eyes.

This phase of collecting inspirations is an active phase, since you have to do some research. But it is also a receptive phase, because unexpected solutions can often appear to you if you only knew how to be open to them and catch them before they are out of your sight.

This phase can be super fast. For example, if you seek inspiration to illustrate a FB post, you can log onto an online software such as Canva or Crello and hop, you'll find plenty of examples already grouped and ready to be adapted.

The duration can also be much longer, as for these 4 color palettes :


I received this color palette when I did a color test with my mother in Holland at the age of 17. 

I had been diagnosed as Winter.


This is one of the 4 color palettes of Flora Douville, which I received in 2016 when I enrolled in her online course called Reconnection

Two years later, during her Professional Training, I found out that I was Spring.


This color palette comes from Dressing Your Truth, as a result of an online test that I did in parallel of Reconnection.

I came out as "Type Three".


This is one of the 4 color palettes that was given to me at the beginning of the year by a lady in Israel who no longer uses her colorimetry tools.

Now, I did not know at the age of 17 that I would one day make my own color palette. But once in an entrepreneur mode, I put together - and carefully kept - the various color palettes while I waited to write this post.

Phase # 2: Explore Technical Constraints

I hesitated to name this phase "gathering technical solutions". It would have been more positive, and it would have followed the wave of "gathering inspiration".

Except that, this time, the purpose is to confront yourself to reality and to the constraints in front of you.

When I was doing software design, I first researched how other software were addressing a particular problem, and then I checked what the machine in front of me could do.

Here for color palettes, I went to different local printers and one of them gave me this example, to the left of the photo. I also explored other ideas, such as hand fans. But I liked this example, as well as working with someone in real life, rather than through the web.

The problem was the binding screws. Impossible to find them in Israel. And yet I really searched, on the web and in local stores. So I looked abroad, and it is in France that I found the binding screws that I liked.

However, RELICOIL do not send their screws in Israel nor receive payments of Israeli bank card. This is the kind of frustrating details. When I buy something on Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress, there is no problem. All of a sudden, I had to ask my parents to help me buy plastic screws ...

Well, the purpose of this newsletter is to inspire you, and not to send you my frustrations and difficulties. But for this phase, I find this example suitable, since it shows a typical confrontation with a technical problem, which is inevitable in my experience.

And also, just as important, this example shows a creative search for a solution.

Phase # 3 (optional): Check What Your Customers Are Used To

For the Math software I was working on, it was very important to bring as much continuity as possible to customers who are used to the old version of the software.

Phase # 4: Allow Your Own Solution To Emerge

This is my favorite phase. With all the information under my eyes, I can then explore, invent, feel, choose ... First, the general approach. Then, the little details that are only raised once I start designing.

Here, the approach was to have several colors on one page, as for my first color chart, but with a size closer to that proposed by the printer, because I liked its size in my hand.

The details are the type of the screw, the size of the screw, the location of the screw, the font of the text, the laminated paper but with a matte finish ...

There is also the practical aspect of going to the printer for the idea to really become a reality.


I must admit that creating this color palette was much more difficult for me than to design a math software. It was just as hard for me to face the various difficulties as it was to find practical solutions.

Back to our original topic ! About your idea becoming a reality...

If it's hard: honor what is present before you.

Yes, it's hard.

And then: go for it.

You can do it!

PS : I put more infos on my color palette here. I give it to you, it's a gift! You only need to pay the shipping costs ✈️🎁💃.


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