January 13

She said Yes


A client who took less than half an hour to decide to take a 3 month coaching with me, it's pretty cool, right?

But you could also ask yourself the question: "Why so quickly? Was her problematic clear, simple, obvious?"

No, it was just the opposite ...


It went in all directions, the person told me about her family relationships tense before Christmas, her search for a spouse, her hesitations on the professional side, her friendships, her daily life ...

On the other hand, what I saw, what connected everything, was the emotional and the intensity that overflowed. My comment was, "As long as you don't work on this, everything else will falter." She agreed, she had the good sense to look reality in the face, and also, the courage to go, that's all.

That was the decisive moment for her to engage in 3 month coaching.

But the objective of this accompaniment was explored afterwards, in the first coaching session, a session which lasted almost 2 hours. This way we know exactly what should happen by the end of the coaching for her to be satisfied.

So what has happened since then?

It’s like this person opened a water dam… She goes to see a movie at the cinema and she cries during the whole movie, much more than what the beautiful movie would have done to her in normal times.

It's intense, and probably uncomfortable. But it is a unique opportunity to get rid of stagnant emotions that it has stored in it for years.

You might ask me, "Years? How do you know that ? ".

I don't know all the details of this person's life. But the overall experience, I went through it myself, and I understand the mechanism to get out of it.

This mechanism, I talk about it in my 1 hour coaching sessions, when it can help the client. I explain it by using their case to illustrate how the process fits their situation.


I offer 1-hour sessions for 75 euros. If you're interested, contact me here.


Do you still have a doubt? Here is a fresh account of a coaching session last week:

1) With what did you come up to this session? What was your need?
I wanted to find what drives me professionally and in life ... I felt like I didn't know what really motivates me, what I want to do, what I want to live ...

2) What are you leaving with from this session?
I connected that in fact I know very well what drives me, I feel what I want ... just my fears make appear a fog that made me let go and turn around ... With a loss of motivation and the feeling of being lost ... I realize that this fog is in proportion to how much it means to me and that it actually tells me that this path speaks to me, that there has a stake because it is important... That this fog actually invites me to cross it, not to turn around...

3) On a scale of 0 to 10, what is the value that it brings you? Why ?
It is really very precious for me to be able to identify that where it blurs, this is where I have to put more energy to live a vibrant life. Instead of going back to where my dreams are dying, I am going to take one more small step in this fog ... towards my treasure ... I took a giant step in my hour of coaching comprehension. Thank you Marion 🙏

4) How was it for you to be coached by me? How can I improve as a coach?
It was really impactful while being very soft, I am really grateful to you.


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