Testimonials about Méta® coaching

"An adventure through texture, touch and colors. Thanks a lot, I really enjoyed it" - Carmela

"You helped me to stop fear colors, and to let them enter into my life once again. To accept my body, to learn things about me that I didn't know and to love parts of my body that I loved less." - Anna

"I feel already your insights from the other week have had an impact on the way I see/do things. Thank you!!"

"Thanks for the deep and insightful workshop, I feel more confortable now with my summer colors."

Testimonials about family constellations

"It's surprising for me who's used to racking my brain - to think that just moving characters around can be enough to make a difference... but I feel lighter and I thank you very much for the experience." - Émilie

"Looking at the last photo, I see the power I can take over the patterns of the past and put an end to them once and for all. I see in this photo that I am not as powerless as I thought I was, that I am not the little girl I thought I was, but much bigger than that and that I am able to protect my children from the strings of my past. I also see that I can move forces, even those that were against me, to my advantage. Thank you ❤" - Asma

Testimonials about Mindset coaching

I leave with good leads to think about and set up!

I leave with clarity about my needs: to live pleasant and simple days.

For me this coaching has a value of 9/10 because you brought me a completely new vision of my problem. I saw myself against the world and you showed me that I could create safe bubbles. You showed me my power.

I leave with a reformulation of points of which I was aware. Therefore, more clarity. For me this coaching has a value of 10/10. What is important to me is to improve myself. I can see that there is something emotionally stuck with my very close relatives. But you can't take someone where they don't want to go. That said, you tried to come back to the subject in other ways to get around my ego. Well done.

For me this coaching has a value of 9/10 - Because it inspires me and stimulates me to set up things that I like. Continue like this, you can only progress, well done!

I leave with confidence, and conviction about what is at stake and what to put in place
I appreciated your posture, your pleasant and smiling face, very attentive. I felt comfortable and trusting to tackle a sensitive and delicate subject.

For me this coaching has a value of 9/10, for clarity, the decision I make which is right for me now. You very quickly emphasized what I had not yet seen; it was great!

I leave with new options, when I used to be looking at a wall. This session also allowed me to review how I position myself in view of ending my "merry-go-round" ...
I really liked your interpersonal skills, and your insight

I leave with 3 concrete and fast leads! very practical ideas! It was quite directive and unusual at first, but ultimately very effective. so nothing to complain about or improve.

It was challenging and cool! You can quickly find the globality of a problem of which I can only see the details. I think you have the right "alternation" between boosting and consoling.

For me this coaching with a value of 8/10. I already had a vision of my worries, brakes and limiting beliefs, but Marion has an impressive way of relating things. Suddenly, I put things in perspective, I let go of my will to be there tomorrow, and I agree to go step by step.
I have no experience in coaching so for me this first time was really neat and interesting. I like the idea of thinking and going to find the answers in me thanks to the just and precise questions that you ask.

I needed concrete tools to take action to change my professional and financial situation
It was great because your questions were clear and precise. I felt that you knew where you were going by questioning me and I very much appreciated your empathetic listening, very fine and without judgment and your professional positioning. I felt comfortable saying what I was feeling, although some of what I said might sound shocking. Thanks again !

I wanted to clarify this need to control everything including my own work. I leave with clarity about this mechanism. It's fine, I saw it at work so I can say goodbye to it, thank you, I don't need you anymore. For me this coaching has a value of 10/10 because it was recurring and installed for a long time And I couldn't manage to go beyond it. Now that there is more awareness about it, this gives me back the power to decide what I really want.

I wanted to have more clarity about the steps to take to put more photography in my life, starting from my personal projects to go towards obtaining orders. I leave with the importance of setting a clear framework in all the projects that I lead and which involve other people. Immediate action is also essential.
1 week later : Things have been moving in my life (focus on photography). I respected (without any effort) my decision to do a family portrait session on Saturday and a portrait session of friends on Thursday. And that only after an hour of coaching!

For me this coaching has a value of 10/10. Great added value, 24 hours after the coaching session I already feel that we have gone further and faster than I had hoped and that there is no turning back possible. This is of great value to me, it is an indication of getting out of the goldfish bowl.
During the session I felt safe and with the right distance between us. These two elements allowed me to open up sufficiently to coaching and your know-how. I also felt free to stop when it was time for me. It is new for me and I appreciated very much to experience a real moment totally for me. Thank you Marion for this gift

I needed clarity on my activity, to know where to go. I leave with the awareness that I must put my attention on what nourishes me and to regain control over what I know or not. That the best version of me exists even if I don't see it yet. I deploy more discipline and effort.
You allowed me to see things that I didn't see before and to see certain things from a different angle, I have more clarity. I know through where and how to move forward now. it was great !

I found your comments and questions relevant, appropriate and direct. For me there is nothing to change. You made me feel comfortable.

I arrived with a problem of disorganization. I leave with an action to put in place + pay attention to this greyness, when it comes to me, to its propagation and its evolution on me when I act.

For me this coaching has a value of 10/10 for the outside point of view that it brings me and the awareness that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I have enjoyed this hour of coaching as well as your attentive listening and your professionalism in analyzing things. The explanations are clear

For me this coaching has a value of 9/10 It is really very precious for me to be able to identify that where it blurs, this is where I need to put more energy to live a vibrant life . Instead of going back to where my dreams are dying, I am going to take one more small step in this fog ... towards my treasure ... In this hour of coaching, I took a giant step in my comprehension.
It was really impactful while being very soft, I am really grateful to you. Thank you Marion

I needed more clarity for my 2020 changes. Stay and adapt at work or think about a reconversion. I leave with a clearer action plan to move forward. Some ideas of how to evolve. A better view of what I can do.
Marie Odile

I didn't really know it at the time, but I needed to build a solid base that I could lean on to feel independent, no matter what situation I am in. So I leave with a strategy that puts me at the center. A space in which I find clarity without waiting for a particular response, just to be completely me and know what I naturally want. To strengthen my simplicity of being in front of others, and in turn to strengthen my decision-making power.
I loved being coached by you, because even if some points were very uncomfortable to dig for me, the coaching was happy!

I needed to get clarity about my relationship needs. I leave with tracks to explore and actions to take. This brings me another view of the situation with more perspective ...

It was my very first coaching and I liked the framework that you set from the start. It was clear. Then, I appreciated your way of making me think about my issues. Sometimes I was in mental confusion, but I increase awareness since the coaching. In fact, it continues to work. You also put me in front of my way of working always with kindness.

I had two wishes, the first was to clarify my professional project, the second I wanted to increase my level of affirmation to 10/10. I quickly chose to focus on the second. I touched since my session states of great vulnerability and intense feelings, and also an something set and clear, a healthy and directed anger, towards what does not suit me exactly. I made decisions and took steps that blocked me for months (not that easy, with crises in the meantime, but well set and more fluidly, with a poise that I did not have), in the direction of my .. professional fulfillment! For me this coaching has a value of 10/10. In the end, the two initial objectives were fulfilled (obviously all that depends only on me, that's the whole paradox;)). Clearly I find you very good. You have helped advance towards the best version of myself.