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What do I do? I help you unleash your feminine leadership!

But you might ask yourself, how? Thanks to subtle, powerful and complementary methods that I learnt in France to better accompany you.

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Milestone 1 : La Méta®

Created by Flora Douville, La Méta® is based on the observation that there is a direct relationship between your inner world and your body envelope. The radiance of your skin, the shape of your body and even the energy with which you move are a direct continuity of your psycho-emotional functioning.

It is by doing physical tests that we will be able to determine your complete Méta® profile. During these tests, you will learn to :

* discern your deep motivation and what magnetically attracts you;

* distinguish the natural way you live your emotions;

* visualize the trajectory of the energy that flows through you and that you naturally adopt when you interact with the world of ideas.

And once this profile is established, you will also know the family of colors that best suits you, the type of materials that move like you, the combination of shapes that fit you, and the declination on your clothes, shoes, bags, hats, accessories, jewelry ...

✨ My journey ✨

Méta® professional training - Level 1
2018 : 4 * 5 days
2020-21: 5 * 5 days

Méta® professional training - Level 2
2018-19 : 2 * 5 days

Since 2019, I am part of the team of Méta® Expert.s. Living in Israel, most of my services are carried out online. I also came back several times to France to help facilitate Flora's 5-day workshops as a Méta® Expert.

Milestone 2 :  Sacred Fire

Created by Nicolas Gétin, the "Sacred Fire" approach is an in-depth work on your life force and on the ego mechanisms that protect it. The aim is that you become the best version of yourself.

During coaching sessions, as you receive immediate feedback on the issues at stake, you can free yourself from the automatisms that hold you back. You can then regain the clarity you need to discern your true desires. You can also manifest power in your life while remaining connected to your sensitivity.

✨ My journey ✨

"Sacred Fire" Days
2018 : 6 days
2019 : 12 days
2020: 9 days
2021: 6 days

I met Nicolas thanks to his interventions during the Méta® professional training. Having appreciated the relevance of his work, I participated in several "Sacred Fire" workshops outside of the Méta® professional training.

Milestone 3 : Clean Coaching

Created by David Grove, Clean Language is a way of questioning the client that facilitates the emergence of knowledge while minimizing "contamination" from the facilitator. Clean Language is used in various fields such as therapy and coaching.

Clean Coaching taught by Lynne Burney at the LKB School of Coaching is not only based on Clean Language, but also on a Clean posture and on Clean techniques, such as Clean Spaces or the Power of Six.

Clean Coaching sessions offer you an opportunity to slow down and explore your inner world safely. You will find keys to overcoming your blocks and to bring more creativity into your daily life & your projects.

✨ My journey ✨

Coaching Level 1
2019-2020 : 2 * 7 days

Clean Coaching
2020-2021: 2 * 6 days

During the Méta® professional training, the exigence of the facilitator's posture has been clearly named and demonstrated. The LKB coaching school being the reference in France to deepen on this point, I did not hesitate to register there to train as a coach. Once there, I was seduced by Lynne's wisdom and pedagogy. So I chose to continue beyond level 1 to learn Clean Coaching and constellations.

Milestone 4 : Systemic Coaching

Created by Bert Hellinger, constellations are the place to visualize the relational stakes of the systems to which we belong.

In a family system, for example, one person may be led - unconsciously - to bear the suffering of another family member. In a company, a new manager may find himself powerless in the face of the same systemic forces that affected his predecessor.

It then becomes essential to shed light on these issues, to be able to recognize and resolve them, and to regain the freedom to act independently of the past.

✨ My journey ✨

Facilitate with constellations - LKB
2020-2021: 2 + 3 days

I learned how to facilitate constellations with figurines during my first LKB Coaching training, I really enjoyed the experience and when the LKB Team Coaching training was metamorphosed into a Systemic Coaching training, I didn't hesitate to sign up to it.

What I particularly like about Marion is her secret natural recipe: a blend of laser efficiency that maximizes time & surprising and poetic fantasy.

I recommend you to work with her if you want to move forward in a studious, open and luminous environment.

Flora Douville, creator of la Méta®

The Four Elements of Feminine Leadership

Having worked with many women over the last years, here are the four elements of feminine leadership that I have identified. Here are also key areas to work on so you can manifest each of these elements in your life.

WATER 💦 reconnection with your uniqueness

🗝 Beauty & Self-knowledge 🗝

Your uniqueness in everyday life, that's a very concrete matter. For example, to make a good first impression, nothing is better than to be dressed in a way that is 100% in line with who you are, whether this be about the colors of your clothes, the shape of your jewelry, or the material of your shoes.

Your uniqueness is also who you are inside - what truly motivates you, how emotions flow naturally through you, how you best capture ideas. But can you have reliable access to this information? YES, thanks to the discovery of your Meta® profile - this bridge between your internal and external uniqueness!

If you want to reconnect with who you are deeply, Meta® coaching is for you.

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EARTH 🌱 rooting


Are you hyper-emotional, often being overwhelmed by your emotions at the wrong time? Or on the contrary, are you cut off from your emotions altogether? Both are ways of not living simply your sensitivity, or even your hypersensitivity.

However, by letting the information you pick up (non-verbal language, energy, etc.) pass freely through you, you could feel at any moment what is truly enjoyable for you or what you no longer want, whether it be in the management of your daily life or in your relationships. You would then have access at all times to a reliable internal compass to guide you.

If you want to rediscover the power of simple and direct access to your sensitivity, three months of intense coaching in unlimited mode is recommended.

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AIR 💨 creation of a new reality

🗝 Emergent knowledge 🗝

To express oneself, to be visible, to shine, to influence one's life and that of others, in short, to rise up, is first of all to DARE. For example, daring to change, daring to question, daring to challenge...

On the other hand, your life and your tailor-made projects cannot be created in bulldozer mode only. It would lack the poetry and color you aspire to.

If you are ready to let the next version of yourself emerge, the pack of 6 Clean coaching sessions is what you need.

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fire 🔥 liberation from the past

🗝 systems 🗝

You do everything to move forward BUT you get stuck? It's like you're pushing a huge rock: it's great for getting fit and looking good - bravo! But it's more than frustrating if that rock blocks your way again and again... In this case, the rock must be recognized and placed in the right place so that the flow of life can resume its natural course.

If you are faced with a situation repeatedly and you want to free yourself from it once and for all, systemic coaching (constellations) is the key.

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What clients say of their coaching session with me

I wanted to clarify this need to control everything including my own work. I leave with clarity about this mechanism. It's fine, I saw it at work so I can say goodbye to it, thank you, I don't need you anymore. For me this coaching has a value of 10/10 because it was recurring and installed for a long time And I couldn't manage to go beyond it. Now that there is more awareness about it, this gives me back the power to decide what I really want.


I wanted to explore how to integrate my Méta® profile in relation to a professional blockage and a difficulty in groups.

I leave with clarity about a big blocking point which is also a zone of talent, a proposal of challenge with regards to a group, and avenues to explore my liberation process.