November 20

The Limits of Unlocking the Unconscious Mind


You're stuck, you need help. Do you depend on clairvoyants to advance?


You know, clairvoyants are people who see your physical body, like everyone else, but who also see your emotional or psychic body. And therefore, these people can see beyond what is palpable in the matter - in the conscious world - and know how to dive into the unconscious world.

These people are like mechanics who know how to look inside the engine of a car and then know how to unlock what is causing problems. When we talk about humans rather than cars, we call this « unlocking the unconscious mind ».


So, back to the title of this article: the limits of unlocking the unconscious mind. In other words, the unlocking of the unconscious, is this your only and best option?

Ah ... You're smart, you already see where I'm going! Marion wants to convince us that a non-clairvoyant coach like her can do a job just as fine and impacting as people who have access to the unconscious mind.

There is truth in that. But not only. Because that's exactly what I thought a week ago and I've just had to revisit that belief. Against my will. Even though it made me angry.


Let’s zoom back. At the moment, I am being coached by the anti-leadership team. I say the team, since I worked for 2 months with Nicolas Gétin, and now I work 3 months with Gurvann Saintot. AND, I asked 9 sessions of unlocking of the unconscious with Pierre Mézière.

Yes, you read well, not 1, not 5, but 9 one-hour sessions with Pierre.

When I made this decision, I had my reasons and my story:

• The black hole of the depression, even though I was no longer in it, was still very palpable. My huge tank of emotions kept overflowing.

• I was unable to set up my business, despite multiple investments such as face-to-face or online courses

The situation was clear: either I put all the chances on my side to succeed and I am accompanied seriously, or it will not work. And for me: "to put all the chances on my side", it also meant a lot of sessions of unlocking of the unconscious.

I must say that there were super sessions. In early August, just before Pierre was about to go on vacation, we did a session that gave me back the taste of life.

No, I was not about to end my days. But when Pierre asked me variations of: "what will happen if nothing changes today", my gut-answer was: "I fall in depression". I did not see alternatives.

11 days later, I went from 300 to 1000 friends on FB and I opened my groups FB "Dare to shine your truth", one in English and the other in French. The French-version brings me a lot of joy when I see risk-taking, questioning, the progress of the group's participants. I’m still hoping the dynamics of the English-version will pick up soon.


And then? At the September session, Pierre tells me that it is better that we switch to coaching, rather than unlocking the unconscious mind. He asks me how it feels when I hear that. I tell him: "I trust 100%, let's go". The result post-coaching: I redo my website and I set up a mini-quiz for people who do not know yet La Meta®.

So far, so good. But in October, again, Pierre tells me that it is with coaching and not by unlocking the unconscious mind that I will move faster. This is where the anger rose, even though I did not allow myself to live it or express it right away.

I pay – a lot - for a service, for the unlocking of the unconscious mind. I have a coaching system in parallel of the sessions with Pierre. The first time he switches to coaching, it felt like perfect timing. The second time, it made me question my affirmation. I have 2 sessions left. What do I do with them... Do I continue to trust Pierre on the chosen method, or do I put my foot down to get an unlocking session?

In parallel, in the sessions where I am the coach, I had people who questioned the method I chose. And yes, even if I only work with the conscious mind, I also have postures to choose from - to let the information that is in you emerge through questions of pure coaching, or to open your field of possibilities through consulting - info coming from outside.

There are people who would have liked me to give them more info. Others who got upset that I ask them if they wanted a touch of consulting. You see, it's the same battle.


Yes but Marion, the question at the beginning was not "coaching vs consulting", it was "working with the conscious vs. working with the unconscious mind" and you, you really needed this work on the unconscious mind…

That is true. And I was very honest with you. The fact is that in August, it was my 5th session of unlocking the unconscious mind and it really had a huge impact on me. But even in my case with overflowing emotions, and with a daily environment that crystallizes my difficulties (this is not the subject here), the 6th and 7th session, the expert Mézière preferred to switch to mindset coaching.

I do not say that I have nothing left to unlock, there will always be spots left to clean. Rather, that from Pierre's point of view, with all the hindsight from his years of accompaniment, it was no longer unlocking the unconscious mind that would help me the most today.


So, I hope you understand better now what I mean when I talk about the limits of unlocking the unconscious mind.

It's not that it's not necessary. But I realize today that it does not replace the mindset coaching to help me every morning with the actions I must carry out again and again to advance my business.

That's great, cause I'm in the middle of LKB coaching school to develop my mindset coaching skills.


And you, do you also want to put all the chances on your side?

My advice: do sessions of unlocking the unconscious mind. And also, find a coach for mindset coaching.

And for the later, you don’t need to go to the end of the earth to find a solution...

You can simply fill out this questionnaire and I'll come back to you to set a date for a free diagnostic session. During this session, we look deeply at your request and how I can help you move closer to the life and / or project of your dream.

In coaching together, we will not unlock the unconscious mind but I promise you that we will debug the ego. What's the difference and why am I so sure about this process? That's the subject of another article.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to take a look at the questionnaire for a Diagnostic Session. Filling it can already bring you clarity on your issue, even before we speak.


Well, you can also make the choice to live your blockage without being accompanied. I too have been there – nobody will blame you for this ...

But do not tell me in 1 year that you did not know ... and yes, once more, I’ve been there too!


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