The Woman

Who am I? Marion Raikhlin,
passionate about feminine leadership!

But you might ask yourself, where does this passion come from? In short, from an atypical life ...

Here are 6 sections about my life to answer that question in more details !


I have been immersed in women's leadership since I was born, starting with my paternal grandmother, an architecture professor in the United States at a time when there were virtually no women in the profession; my maternal grandmother, mother of 10 children; and my own mother who headed for many years a European network of nature reserves.

So what did I do when I was little, apart from selling trinkets at the Lille flea market? Or help my parents print and send newspapers to their network? Or preparing lots of activities for the girl scouts and learning how to bake croissants?

I was wondering:
- Why was the priest with his Sunday sermon a man?
- Why were we "to be seen but not heard" at the table, even though Jesus said "let the little children come to me"?

You'll tell me, the second "why" is not related to women, but well, it shows that I didn't wait until I was an adult to carefully observe everything that was going on around me, to form my opinion, and to express it even if it meant standing out from the crowd.

It takes courage to express yourself - it's not innate! It's a muscle to grow... If you need support to train, contact me here.


So you can imagine that in this series on how my interest in feminine leadership developed, I'm going to tell you that as a teenager, I went to a girls' boarding school... At the beginning, I didn't want such a thing. What convinced me was simply that when I visited the place, I felt much better at Woldingham School than at a mixed boarding school.

I had :
- A Vision - To study at Cambridge University
- A deep desire - To improve my English, the language of my American father.
- A fear - Being alone in my small village in the Netherlands while my second sister was off to university.

So at the age of 16, thanks to the financial support of my uncle, I left my parents' nest to finish my secondary education in England. I travelled with 4 currencies in my purse: pounds for England, French francs in case the Eurostar stopped in Lille, Belgian francs to change trains in Brussels, Dutch guilders for the final destination when I arrived home.

At that time, there were also :
- solo visits to London on Saturdays to discover museums, neighborhoods, or even to see a ballet.
- sometimes friends, and at others loneliness
- the organization of vacations, whether it was to work at the Visitors Centre of the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh or to live more than 3 weeks on a glacier in Canada with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School).

What's next? I received an invitation for an interview at Cambridge University !

I didn't hide anything. I told them that for chemistry, I would only get a B (whereas you normally had to get an A to be accepted). However, I proposed a solution: that they ask me to get an A in math level 1, math level 2, and physics.

I negotiated in spite of the stress and the stakes involved in this interview, and they made me a tailor-made offer: AAAB - where for other students they only asked for 3 A's. And it worked ! My results: AAAB, with a B in chemistry.

If you'd like to develop your clarity and hutzpah so that we can end up concocting tailor-made offers for you, contact me here.


At Cambridge University, the advantage of living in Newnham College - a women's college - is that there's some leadership situations for which you don't even ask yourself the gender question. The president of the college is a woman. The founders of the various student societies at the college are women. The lecturers or the choirmaster - women.

On my side, I was rather active in university societies related to Europe, nuclear disarmament, or inter-religious dialogue. Moreover, I discovered the Baha'i faith, to which I now adhere. In the summer, I fell in love with a certain Israeli ... and speaking of love, I cooked all the appetizers for the weddings of my two sisters. However, at the end of my studies, I still didn't know what I wanted to do later on.

I was torn by :

- my search for meaning, as in my MSci in astrophysics
- my desire to contribute to a new world, as when I followed up with an MPhil in solar energy
- my love of education (I'll tell you about it in the next section)

So to get back to the subject of this series - how my passion for women's leadership permeated into my life - I could tell you about the physics amphitheater with 110 men and 15 women or other such unbalanced situations. But I came to lectures. with my (female) friends from college so I didn't feel intimidated (and yes, your entourage matters).

So let's move on to a teaser on Meta Coaching®, this subtle and profound method of self-knowledge:

- The search for meaning? Bingo, La Meta® helps us understand the unique toolbox we came on earth with; and what naturally attracts us...

- The contribution to tomorrow's world? Definitely. When we all wear clothes that truly fit us, and we no longer buy those that don't, it revolutionizes the textile industry.

- Education? Right on the mark as I accompany the transformation of my clients. As my grandmother used to say: "you really care".

- And icing on the cake: leadership for women? Yes I know, La Meta® is also for men, but a woman who knows how she fonctions naturally and who is trained to listen and follow her inner compass, is a woman who has all the cards in hand to deploy her power!

To tell the truth, as a student, I was still a long way away from learning about La Meta®. But what made me immediately attracted to it years later was already there.

Are you also a passionate person? Do you have a deep desire to contribute? Would you study astrophysics at Cambridge just to understand how the world works? Yeah, well, you're not me, you probably wouldn't do exactly that...

But just who are you, then? If this teaser makes you curious about La Meta®, I'll tell you more about it here!


From England, I went to Slovakia where I was a volunteer for 6 months in a Montessori kindergarten. I loved the simple and powerful principles for the child to develop and grow independently.

Then, in 2006, I left for China.

I wanted everything.

To discover what an oriental culture is like. To be a math and physics teacher. To travel. Get paid. Learn Chinese...

I got everything, even the students who were not yet used to thinking the English way... It was hard work to help them get out of an endless memory game so they got to really understand what's going on and trust their ability to solve new problems. And of course, to help them pass their Cambridge International A-Levels.

During my physics classes, I would take the students outside while the other 5,000 students from the boarding school were in class, and we would make waves in water, or whatever experience was relevant to the subject we were learning.

During my math class, I intuitively practiced the inverted class, briefly presenting a bit of theory and an example at the start, before spending the rest of the time next to students to help them in their training.

I had to get out of school regularly to go to the city, to the post office, to take the train or whatever; and I, the white woman, felt like a monkey being watched at the zoo. It wasn't actually that bad. I was also observing them, the Chinese, as you watch a book of "Where's Waldo?".

I was in China for a year and a half. I ate a lot of different things - sometimes it was better not to know too many details.

I also spent my first Christmas away from my family - we worked like any other normal day of the week. It was confusing even though it was my choice to be in China... Since then, I've been spending Christmas away from my family most of the time, but the experience gets better every year. I now know how to reconnect with the people I love while respecting what is right for me.

If you are looking to transform your mindset in the face of isolation or loneliness, contact me here.


In 2007, it had been 7 years since I had met Vladi, an Israeli citizen. And now, at last, we were going to live together longer than a few weeks here and there. And yes, we were going to get married...

I prepared this wedding while I was still living in China and had never set foot in Cyprus.

There was the administrative side, with the many papers to be picked up not too early, to be officially translated, to be stamped with an "affidavit", to be brought to the right place not too late.

There was the logistical side, the planes, the accommodation, the town hall, the ceremony, the evening, the first meeting of the two families coming from two completely different cultures (different nationalities, religions, social classes, languages...).

By the way, it wasn't all that bad - preparing for the wedding in China... This dress cost me $60 and Vladi's outfit, which I had had copied at a tailor's, $50.

It was a small wedding, 15 people in all. I liked the "rebel" side, it was not a wedding like any other - while having a certain class, color, signature consistent with my life course. And this is just one story among many, where I live feminine leadership on a daily basis, creating my own unconventional reality according to my deepest desires.

You too, I'm sure you didn't wait until today to start to follow your heart. But how far do you allow yourself to dream, and then to realize your wildest dreams? If you are having trouble making your deepest desires come true, maybe now is the time to contact me!


In this picture you see me wearing Autumn colors, golden, rich and deep. I didn't know yet that the colors that suit me best are the Spring colors, much lighter.

That was in Boston at PTC's annual conference.

So why this picture?

When I arrived in Israel, the only thing I knew was that I wasn't going to be a teacher. I didn't speak the language, the conditions for teachers are difficult, and anyway, being a teacher without experiencing "normal" life outside the school system was something I really wanted to avoid.

So I looked for a job. It's a very vulnerable situation for anyone, anywhere in the world. And I was in a new country where I didn't speak the language, with no clearly defined profession, almost no money.

I noticed that there was a demand for "technical writers", or "technical writer" according to the deepl.com translation. I took an online training course and started sending CVs. I was quickly recruited to work on PTC Mathcad, a Math software that I love.

Two years later, I moved on to product definition - an unusual move for technical writers at this company. I spent 8 years inventing, testing, fine-tuning, developing solutions, building bridges between different teams, doing math or UX, challenging myself again and again...

I also organized 5 years in a row an open day for girls from the neighboring town to come and discover what High Tech is all about. And I wrote a blog full of fire for the female employees about woman empowerment.

I left PTC after exactly 10 years of joining it. Yes, I left my company, no one fired me. I left my good salary, my daily routine, to go and train many times in France and to build my coaching business.

Leaving / not leaving; when to leave; what to do after ... If you too are facing a professional transition and you need help to see things more clearly, then contact me here!


It is important to me that women can become leaders full of beauty, sensitivity and power.

That's why, since 2018, I have been training in Meta®, Sacred Fire, Clean Coaching, and Systemic Coaching - to better help women reconnect with their essence and master their state of mind.

These trainings have also been an opportunity to question myself, to transform myself, to move forward...

It must be said that after Alma's birth in 2014, I was hyper-emotional, isolated, depressed.

Today, I have greatly reduced my hyper-emotionality (even if hypersensitivity is part of me for life!); I am connected to many people who support and inspire me; and I know how to quickly get out of my hole when everything goes wrong.

If you too want these kinds of results, contact me here 🙂.

What clients say of their coaching session with me

Wonderful! It was great working with you. You provide a very safe space, very stable and strong space, that allows me to explore, you listen, you show me things and reflect to me things that I could not see for myself, allow to go beyond what I was able to reach by myself. allow to break through difficulties. You are an amazing coach.


I arrived in a state of marital crisis and business stagnation. For me, this coaching has a value of 8/10 because it was really relevant at the time!

It was simple, direct and firm but not aggressive rather fair and in the non-judgmental reception of what I was going through.