November 24

You’d Like Coaching in Sprint or Marathon Mode?


Currently, I give free coaching sessions of 1-hour on my French-speaking FB group "Ose briller ta vérité". And I also give Diagnostic Sessions so that you can decide if you want to do 3-months of coaching with me.

So what's the difference between free coaching and a 3-month coaching process?

Small clue: it's not just a matter of a free vs. a paid service, nor of the type of coaching goal (which will be much more precise and thorough for the 3-months case). It's also the way I coach.


The Sprint Version of Coaching: 1h Session of Free Coaching

When we have only one hour together, and you come for your first coaching experience with me, it's natural that you do not know what to expect.

Also, most people come to this session because they are not currently coached. And therefore, there are heavy, big life issues to explore.

This coaching is in "win / win" mode, I have an opportunity to train as a mindset coach, and you send me a written feedback at the end of the session. It’s thanks to that feedback, I was able to share coaching testimonials recently.

Now that the framework is set: presto, we start!


During this coaching, my goal is to help you become more aware of the mechanisms that hold you back, and to create a space where ideas can emerge so you can explore them post-coaching.

If you tell me that your wish for this session is: "a little visibility of where you want to go", I answer you directly: "Do you often wish for little things in your life? Is it working?”

So we have not finished 5 minutes of coaching and we have already entered sprint mode. I do not hesitate to interrupt you if your explanations take too much time. I look for the flaw in your story, I present the connections that I see, and that can help you see things in a totally new way.

Well no, you had not thought of it like that before. That's why we move forward and at the end you can make me that kind of return:

1) With what did you come to the session? What was your need?
In need of ideas concrete and easy to set up quickly to find customers

2) With what are you leaving this session?
3 concrete and quick leads!

3) On a scale of 0 to 10, what is the value that it brings to you? Why?
8; very practical ideas!

4) How was it to be coached by me? How could I improve as a coach?
rather directive and unusual at first, but ultimately very effective. so nothing wrong or to improve

Can this Sprint-version of coaching have a real impact for you?

Obviously, if it's the choice I make, it's because I believe in it. And so I was very happy to read the return of Liselotte 2 weeks post-coaching:

I loved meeting you, I liked the energy of your coaching. I found that you had a very global listening of all my person and that you made a return / mirror very synthetic and very insightful, propitious to reflection leading to the action. By this I mean that it's as if you managed to describe very broadly a process to allow to experiment right after, that is to say, to get out of the mind, the confusion or a slightly painful emotional state. And suddenly, I went into action without realizing it, I have the feeling of "me" materializing and even if there is a lot of unknown, I experiment, I jump and I feel more whole, less fragmented. I see where I am and where I want to go and I choose that path. I feel like I’m playing!

But pay attention, don’t assume that in this direct and fast way of coaching, there is no place to live your emotions, nor to feel safe and wrapped in caring listening.

You tell me you're relieved that your aunt is dead - ok! No judgment. It's neither good nor bad. This is. And I'm here by your side to honor what you're going through.

If you’d like to try out a 1h session of free coaching with me, send me a note on my "Contact Me" page.

The Marathon Version of Coaching: Coaching over 3 Months

New context, new way of coaching.

Of course, I remain who I am, with the kind of remarks I can make about the ego mechanisms or the connections that I can help you create between your current problem and your history or your habits.

But now, this is the time to go into construction mode of an action plan, implementation of the action plan, follow-up of the action plan, readjustment of the action plan ...

We can also slow down to focus on your fears or your relationships that stop you or even eat up your energy.

We can look into how to improve your daily life because in any case, to go through the marathon, you need to feel good.

I haven’t got returns yet from customers, but if you did a 1h session of free coaching and you wonder if it's really what happens "in real", and the answer is yes and no ...

It's still coaching towards your goal, it's still Marion coaching with her qualities and her flaws, but it's also a space where you go at your own pace, where you can choose to use the coaching time to tell me about your life without interruptions from me if it's that which will ultimately help you the most to advance.

My role is to be here for you and to be mirror about what is happening.

Then it's up to you to play.


So, if it tempts you to try / explore this proposal of a 3-month Marathon version coaching, complete the questionnaire for a Diagnostic Session and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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